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Ryobi Kiso is a leading provider of ground engineering solutions and its services have a direct impact on the environment and the public. The Group's Board and the CEO understand the need to balance between maximising returns for the shareholders and fulfilling its social responsibilities. We strive to create long-term growth while embracing responsible business practices and limiting the impacts of our business operations to the environment.

While the Group did not set up a specific committee to cater to the needs of sustainability, non-economic goals and objectives such as pollution control, human capital, anti-corruption practice and etc are greatly emphasised upon and are integrated into the day-to-day operations of the Group.

At Ryobi Kiso, the management endeavors to make significant contributions towards achieving both economic and social goals for the various stakeholders. As such, the Group has identified the following seven Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors which it has exerted its sustainability visions on:

Environmental – Pollution Control

Ryobi Kiso is aware that the nature of the Group's services will have certain impact on the environment. As such, the Group has adopted environmentally friendly work processes whenever possible. The Group is constantly undertaking research and development with its various relevant departments as well as external parties to introduce environmentally friendly work processes.

Moreover, Ryobi Kiso takes great care to ensure that measures are in place to minimise pollution whenever possible. For instance, in a recent project, the operation team proactively designed a more efficient Earth Control Measures ("ECM") system as well as enhanced the temporary drainage system to minimise the potential pollution to the nearby park and water sources from the work site.

Environmental – Resource Management

In general, the Group strives to reduce pollutions, particularly environmental and noise pollutions. The Group is always looking for ways to reuse and/or recycle excess resources for alternative purposes in order to reduce wastages.

Green Initiatives on work sites include:

The Group's services have met industry sustainability and environmental guidelines. The Group also ensures, to the best its ability, that the material and services that it procures also meet the industry green standard.

Green Initiatives in office

The Group also places great emphasis on going green initiatives in both its headquarter and site offices and have implemented numerous initiatives to reduce energy and wastages. Some of the initiatives include:

Social – Human Capital

Training and professional development

In today's highly competitive environment, human capital is crucial to the success of any company. Likewise, Ryobi Kiso believes in nurturing the human talent, grooming leaders of tomorrow. This value is deep-rooted within the organization and our Human Resource department has introduced and identified various learning programs as well as training courses to help its employees to develop the necessary skills, competencies and behaviors to handle increasingly complex challenges at work. Training hours are tracked and monitored, while both in-house and external trainers are engaged to ensure progression and upgrading of skills. In FY2017, a total of 1700 hours of training was conducted across the various departments.

Talent acquisition and retention

In addition to training and professional development, the Group also have in place various initiatives to attract young and capable engineers as well as to retain experienced employees. The Group participated in various career talks and seminars held by tertiary institutions to attract new talents. The Human Resource department always keeps itself abreast of the latest salary trends in the industry in order to offer attractive and competitive remuneration packages. Clear career progression paths and skills acquisition programs are planned which allow the Group's employees to fully develop their potentials.

Ryobi Kiso also treasures experienced veterans of the industry, which is in line with the Government's initiative to promote employment beyond the statutory retirement age. Currently, approximately two per cent of the Group's employees are beyond their retirement age.

Care for workforce

Ryobi Kiso believes that a worker's well-being will have a positive effect on their productivity. As such, the Group has put in place programs to ensure that the welfare of its workers is being well taken care of.

As Ryobi Kiso has workers and employees of diverse background, it pays special attention to cultural differences. Having good culture awareness, the Group is able to understand its workers' needs and prevent unnecessary frictions and encourage better bonding between workers of different nationalities; thereby creating a much more harmonious work environment.

The Group houses its foreign workforce within its own dormitory. This gives Ryobi Kiso full autonomy in determining the types of amenities as well as the day-to-day welfare programs. A dormitory officer is appointed to understand the concerns of the general worker and conduct regular feedback sessions. All workers are encouraged to voice their concerns or any difficulties during their course of work.

Social – Workplace Safety Management

Another important aspect of the Group's culture is workplace safety and this is particularly important for construction related players like Ryobi Kiso. The management has always prioritized safety over many other things and will not compromise on the well-being of its workers and stakeholders.

Ryobi Kiso has attained OHSAS 18001:2007, an internationally recognised assessment specification for occupational health and safety management systems. This rigorous framework allows the Group to consistently identify and control its health and safety risk and reduce potential accidents at its work sites. Some of the initiatives that have been put in place to create a safe work environment and ensure compliance with government safety regulations include:

The Group is continuously upgrading its safety and workflow process. During the year, Ryobi Kiso has launched the WSH Council Culture Safe campaign and InSight QSE (Quality, Safety and Environment) which is an IT initiative to reduce the communication time and improve the work flow among different stakeholders, such as statutory bodies, clients and consultants.

Social – Charity

As a firm believer in giving back to the community, Ryobi Kiso supports a variety of community-based programs that provide support to the elderly, needy and disabled. In FY2017, Ryobi Kiso contributed to organisations such as Stroke Support Station Ltd, National University of Singapore–Engineering and Singapore Bukit Panjang Hokkien Konghuay.

The Group supports and participates in numerous programs that promote the communities' social well-being. Overall, community engagement remains an important ethos for the Group as this reinforces a sense of pride and promotes a culture of contribution in the workplace. Going forward, the Group will continue to seek out more suitable community involvement programs.

Governance – Corporate Governance

As a SGX-ST listed company, Ryobi Kiso upholds a high-level of corporate governance so as to protect the interests of all shareholders. We have a very stringent framework so as to provide accountability among the key appointment holders. It also aims to strike a balance between short term and long term objectives among the different stakeholders.

Additionally, the Group strives to achieve a high standard of corporate transparency, allowing our shareholders and the investment public to be kept abreast of key material developments of the Group at all times.

The Board, as well as the management, will continue to explore ways to further enhance Ryobi Kiso's corporate governance practices, formulating the most suitable set of guidelines and framework in order to achieve sustainable growth in the long run.

Governance – Whistleblowing/Anti-corruption

Ryobi Kiso has put in place a whistleblowing policy which encourages employees and vendors to report malpractices and misconduct in the workplace. Ryobi Kiso will treat all information received confidentially and protect the identity and the interest of all whistle-blowers. Details of the whistleblowing policies and procedures have been made available to all employees of the Group. It has a well-defined process which ensures independent investigation of such matters and appropriate follow-up action and provides the assurance that employees will be protected from reprisal within the limits of the law.

At Ryobi Kiso, the Group has zero tolerance for bribery and corruption. Ryobi Kiso has developed a set of best practices to deter and minimised any opportunities for bribery and corruption. All management and staff are regularly communicated on the importance of integrity in their daily functions to ensure that Ryobi Kiso's commitment to business integrity and legal compliance is followed.